Fiat 500’s are generally considered as lightweight compact vehicles so ‘intimidating’ isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind when you see one.

So for a marketing strategy to promote the car, Fiat decided to turn the tables, so to speak, by creating a humongous 500c scale model that literally captures the attention of anyone who sees it.

Recently, ‘Giant 500C’ made its way to central London as part of Fiat’s promotional efforts for the 500C’s impending UK launch.

Nothing says ‘promotion’ quite like a giant car, right?

The model is about five times the original size of the 500 and can be found ‘parked’ – excuse the pun – along Oxford Street. So if you happen to be in the area and you notice a car dominating the skyline, don’t worry, that car isn’t out to trample the streets of London.


Source: Carscoop

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