• Ginetta’s All-New Lightweight Supercar Heads to Geneva With More Than 600 Horsepower

The model’s name will be officially announced at the show

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Automakers usually withhold technical information or refrain from showing an all-new model before a motor show, choosing to endlessly tease it and avoid talking about its details. Not so with U.K. sports car-manufacturer Ginetta, as it’s revealed every single detail of its new supercar, including the way it looks and all its performance specs. The only thing we don’t know about it is what it’s going to be called.

More Than 600 Ponies To Motivate 2,535 Pounds

Ginetta makes it plainly clear that the name of its new supercar will be revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. So what else do we know about it?

Well, the model is a ground-up all-new model “designed from a blank sheet of paper,” according to the manufacturer. It is mid-engined, it weighs just 1,150 kilograms (2,535 pounds), and it produces “600+” horsepower and 700 Nm (516 pound-feet) of torque from a dry-sumped naturally aspirated V-8 engine.

The power plant is built in-house by Ginetta and it’s “constructed from a single aluminium billet block with forged inners.” Since the car weighs so little, the power to weight ratio is an excellent 545 horsepower per ton. The six-speed sequential gearbox was created in partnership with an “industry-leading British manufacturer” and is apparently bespoke to this as-of-yet unnamed new model.

Ginetta's All-New Lightweight Supercar Heads to Geneva With More Than 600 Horsepower
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The car features an adjustable pushrod suspension system (similar to what Ginetta fitted to its LMP1 car).

This is bolted to a full carbon fiber monocoque tub clad in carbon fiber body panels.

Regarding safety, Ginetta says the car has ceramic brake rotors complete with antilock function, as well as traction control, a reversing camera, parking sensors. Air conditioning, heated windscreens front and rear, as well as wireless phone charging are also part of the package, and apparently the car has a massive 675-liter trunk that’s comparable in size to that of an estate car.

The new supercar will go into production in 2020, and Ginetta will make just 20 examples for the first year. More than half of the first batch has already been spoken for, even though pricing has yet to be announced.

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Note: all images courtesy of Ginetta.

Ahead of an official unveiling at the Geneva International Motorshow, Ginetta has today revealed details, imagery and video of its new creation.

Combining the precision engineering expertise gained from manufacturing race cars for a range of global race series with the company’s heritage in high-power, low-weight road cars, the new supercar is a driver-orientated yet usable package. Taking the unique Ginetta character and bloodline that goes back to road cars such as the giant-killer G10 of the 1960s and infusing technology from Ginetta’s 2019 LMP1 car, the new supercar represents a truly individual supercar offering.

Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson commented: “Racing at the highest level has taught us that to win you have to have your overall car concept and every detail exactly right, and we’ve brought that same philosophy to our first supercar. Starting with a blank sheet of paper allowed us to create a true mid-mid engine design with an all carbon monocoque, LMP-derived aerodynamics and an in-house designed powertrain resulting in a driver-orientated package for the road.”

This optimised design with mid-mid layout required a bespoke drivetrain which was developed entirely in-house specifically for the supercar. Given the low volume of production, Ginetta weren’t compromised by having to utilise an existing chassis or drivetrain, allowing the engineers to optimise every aspect of the car. Key to the car’s performance was not just the engine position but the design of the unit itself.

The engine is an ultra compact and lightweight unit mounted much further back than conventional supercars in a central mid-mid position. This layout allowed the engineers to achieve optimal aerodynamics, a weight distribution of 49% front and 51% rear, utilise a race-derived suspension set-up tweaked for excellent on-road feel and even create a large boot.

A dry-sumped 6-litre 90-degree V8, constructed from a single aluminium billet block with forged inners, the unit is manufactured in-house by Ginetta’s engineers and even features Ginetta’s own design of throttle bodies. Power is over 600bhp, with torque figures of 700Nm, resulting in a Power to Weight ratio of 545bhp per tonne. Being naturally aspirated engine response is immediate and balancing the car on the throttle requires no electronic aids.

The supercar utilises a full carbon fibre monocoque chassis clothed in carbon fibre body panels. The design language echoes that of Ginetta LMP1 cars and this influence not only creates a distinctive aesthetic but truly exceptional aerodynamic performance above traditional supercars.

A rear wing with the same aerofoil shape as the latest Ginetta LMP1 racer, underbody diffuser, efficient body ducting and slash-cut side-exit exhausts work together to create incredibly smooth airflow, with downforce at 100mph totalling 376kg – just 5% less than Ginetta’s LMP3 car. As with all top-level race cars, this has all been achieved without the use of active aerodynamics.

An adjustable pushrod activated double wishbone suspension system, as used in Ginetta’s LMP1 car, is utilised all-round offering exceptional road feel. This driver connection is heightened through the hydraulic power assisted steering, with an LMP1-inspired carbon fibre steering wheel with billet aluminium shift paddles, and a fully adjustable floor-mounted pedal box.

Ginetta have partnered with another industry leading British manufacturer to create a bespoke gearbox for the new car – a six-speed sequential paddle-shift unit with carbon propshaft. This unit not only delivers lightning fast changes but provides a soundtrack akin to the supercar’s racing siblings.

Wheels are Ginetta designed and manufactured units, 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear. These are made specifically for the new supercar and use Ginetta’s own centre locks as used on race tracks around the world. Behind these sit carbon ceramic brakes.

Driver and passenger sit in lightweight ergonomic seats moulded into the car’s carbon tub. Alcantara, carbon fibre and billet aluminium punctuate the interior, which is filled with practical technology to further bolster to the car’s usability. With ABS, traction control, reverse camera, automatic headlights, park sensors, air conditioning, heated screens front and rear, wireless phone charging and more, the new supercar offers real world practicality with a no-compromise driving experience. What’s more, the cavernous boot has a best-in-class, 675 litre capacity ideal for grand touring.

Dry weight is just 1150 kilograms even with a roll-over structure designed to current FIA specifications forming a robust safety cell and giving the chassis an impressive torsional rigidity, resulting in superb on-road driving characteristics.

Each owner will be taken through a bespoke specification programme with myriad configuration options available. Ginetta will also take customers through a tailored seat fitting to ensure each car fits the driver perfectly, support the cars with extensive factory warranty and offer an immersive ownership experience – further details of which will be announced at Geneva.

Tomlinson commented: “When setting out on this project, it was important to me that being an owner of this car felt as individual and special as the car itself. We’ve always been a straightforward, personal and inherently British company and with this car we’re offering the chance to own a limited production, truly bespoke supercar built alongside machines from the top level of prototype racing.”

“Our customers will get the opportunity to take to the race track in race cars built alongside their car and shake the hands of the engineers that built them. Our customers become part of the family and we believe that really sets Ginetta and the car apart in the supercar world.”

“I have felt for a long time there was a gap in the market at around the £400k price point for a genuinely low production number supercar, with proper craftsmanship and true race derived know-how and technology. Production will be limited to just 20 units in the first production year of 2020, with 60% of this allocation already sold before the car has been revealed.”

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