Glickenhaus is Building Another Supercar

2011 Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Exterior
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James Glickenhaus, the developer of the famous Ferrari P4/5 Competizione is ready to develop his next supercar. According to the first details he offered, the new supercar will be much simpler than the P4/5 and, according to its developer, will feature a beautiful "three wing" design. While we have no idea what this new design will look like, Glickenhaus describes it as follows: "the three wings are integrated into the shape and the cockpit and door’s operation will be a bit Modulo."

The next supercar will be powered by a twin-turbo V-6 engine with an output of about 500 horsepower; by comparison the P4/5 gets a V8 engine with an output of 483 horsepower. It will be built on a carbon fiber chassis and, in combination with a carbon fiber body it will have a total weight of only 1600 lbs.

The new supercar will be smaller than the P4/5 - will be about the same size as the Dino Competizione. It will be built by SCG (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) and is currently known as the P33.

The new Glickenhaus supercar will be unveiled in March 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Image Note The above image is of the Ferrari P4/5, another brainchild of James Glickenhaus.


Source: FerrariChat

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  (548) posted on 04.11.2013

This is definitely a supercar with it stunning design and impressive color. I just hope that the car manufacturers will be able to come up with hybrid or electrical supercars.

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