Strap into the passenger’s seat for this freakishly quick lap

If I may state to obvious, the Nurburgring is an absolutely terrifying place. Jackie Stewart was dead on when he dubbed it the Green Hell, given its nearly endless series of blind corners, elevation changes, bumps, subtleties, and technical challenges. Then, of course, there’s the raw speed of the place. Few tracks in the world can test a car’s performance quite like the ‘Ring, and if a driver doesn’t have the mental fortitude and skill required, the end result can be deadly. All told, this is not a place for the timid. However, if you manage to avoid the pitfalls, hit your apexes, and keep it off the grass, the rewards can be enormous. And that’s exactly what we see in this video of a magic flying lap taken from inside a Glickenhaus SCG003C race car.

Shot during the Glickenhaus’ 6-hour qualifier for the upcoming Nurburgring 24 endurance event, the video provides us with an in-car perspective, revealing not only the driver’s steering inputs and the spaceship-esque control layout of the SCG003C, but the talent required to put in a hot lap in a 500-horsepower speed machine. Rumor has it the SCG003C might even have what it takes to best lap times laid down by the Porsche 918 Spyder and Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Either way, watching this thing run around the ‘Ring is a real treat, especially with a smattering of slower traffic complicating the issue.


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