Today marks a momentous occasion for bow tie fans around the world. Despite GM’s current economic situation, and the automotive market’s turn towards more compact fuel efficient vehicles, America’s favorite sports car is still going strong. For over 60 years Chevrolet has been producing the Corvette using the latest in high performance technology and then selling them at a price that any hard working American looking for a fun ride can afford. It was on May 28th when the 1,500,000th composite bodied sports car rolled off the assembly line.

What was interesting, is that this white Corvette had a red interior and a black convertible top, just like the original Blue-flame six powered car back in 1953; the 500,000th model built in 1977 also featured a white on red combination, just like the millionth Corvette made back in 1992.

What is more impressive is that considering the Corvette’s only domestic competition comes from the Dodge Viper. Chevrolet is cleaning house, especially when you consider that to make 1.5 million vehicles in 60 years, which means an average of 25,000 units per year. Chrysler on the other hand, has only sold about 25,000 Vipers since they began retailing the car back in 1992.

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Press release

GM builds 1,500,000th Corvette
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At the June meeting of the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association, Karen Rafferty, Chevrolet Product Marketing Director, today announced the recent production of the 1,500,000th Corvette at GM Bowling Green Assembly.

"The 1.5 millionth Corvette is a great example of how Chevy is America’s Brand," Rafferty said. "For nearly 60 years we have built America’s Sports Car and this milestone is a solid proof point."

The 1.5 millionth Corvette, built on May 28, is a white convertible 3LT with red interior and black top (similar to the first, 500,000th and 1 millionth Corvettes built in 1953, 1977 and 1992 respectively). The first Corvette rolled off the assembly line on June 30, 1953.

Rafferty also announced pricing of the all-new 2010 Corvette Grand Sport. Pricing for the Grand Sport coupe is $55,720 and GS convertible is $59,530. Both prices include a $950 destination freight charge.

"The Corvette Grand Sport achieves a 0 - 60 time in less than four seconds, pulls 1.0g on the skid pad and still boasts an impressive 26 highway mpg," Rafferty said. "These numbers are unmatched by any of Corvette’s competitors."

GM builds 1,500,000th Corvette
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  (231) posted on 06.11.2009

This 1.5th M Corvette is a proff test! To show to the world that GM still has it-the most powerful car producer inspite of the bail out and bankrupcy issues, it is still very capable to make millions of super cars!

  (289) posted on 06.11.2009

True indeed, its a statement that GM is America and America is Corvette! This plan to sell more is a maassive marketing plan to sustain the GM market thru its stable brand!

  (314) posted on 06.11.2009

For me it’s an American statement as Rafferty says in an interview, "The 1.5 millionth Corvette is a great example of how Chevy is America’s Brand. For nearly 60 years we have built America’s Sports Car and this milestone is a solid proof point." It means America is Corvette!

  (421) posted on 06.11.2009

This is how GM plans to revive its market through the viability plan by offering more from the selection of their stronger line up like the corvette. Obviously, GM will be leveraging its most iconic products to help rebuild the company’s image in the wake of its massive bailout and bankruptcy. It is a step in the right direction, however, adding performance and value to an already impressive American sports car.

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