GM confident about Chevy Volt success

2007 Chevrolet Volt
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GM seems to be at big risk regarding the reveal of the Chevy
. But representatives of the company are very confident and declare that the new model will work on time and as promised in terms of high quality and technology. Beyond this great confidence though there are big problems with getting the Volt technology up-to-speed within its timeframes.
Another serious difficulty is with the lithium-ion battery pack.

There are two companies fighting to win the contract and it seems that LG is in advantage as they have the 3rd-gen ready to go. And the list of problems doesn’t stop here as they still have hurdle with the car’s internal combustion range extender and with the delay in rolling out the lithium-ion batteries. After all of this, if the Volt doesn’t show up on time and as promised, GM will need to retool one of its plants to make humble pies.


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  (2) posted on 06.26.2008

looks nice lets see if GM delive

  (62) posted on 06.20.2008

this is one good looking electric car, i hope GM keeps its promise

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