Only days after BMW announced that it had awarded actor Will Ferrell the use of the first of 25 hydrogen powered 7 Series that are to be provided to celebrities, who are supposedly “evaluating” the vehicles, General Motors has announced its own hydrogen vehicle evaluation program.

But, no celebrities.

Just folks.

Beginning this month, GM will place 100 hydrogen powered Chevy Equinox SUVs with drivers in New York, California, and Washington, D.C. Called “Project Driveway,” the program is considered by GM to be the largest real world test of hydrogen vehicles ever conducted. The areas in which the vehicles will be placed are near hydrogen refueling stations.

To both BMW and GM, the core advantage of hydrogen as a fuel is that the only by-product it produces is water vapor.

So, both are trying to develop power plants that can use hydrogen. GM just seems to be more sincere about actually gathering useful information rather than just limelight.

But, the whole hydrogen concept seems flawed.

On average, every household in America has 2.3 cars. Automakers think that China will eclipse the American new car market within a decade. Then there are the growing markets in India and Russia. Plus, Europe still needs cars.

Now, think of all these cars as hydrogen powered. All that water vapor being emitted into the air, everywhere.

Talk about climate change. Doesn’t all that water vapor have to come down? More rain. More snow. More fog. The whole world could turn into a combination of England and the equator.

Somebody ought to call Al Gore while there’s still time.

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tango  (372) posted on 08.23.2007

I always wondered the same thing. All that water vapour in the air would call for more powerful air conditioning systems which, by current standards) would result in increased power demands from electrical grid systems as well as from the drivetrains of cars. The former case puts increased strain on light and power companies, and the latter case decreases fuel efficiency of cars. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon after that realisation, we will hear that R134 isn’t all that safe after all. Back to square one.

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