GM European sales are growing nicely

GM announced today their first quarter 2008 sales performance on the old continent. And they are not doing bad at all, in fact this is their best first quarter in term of volume with 570,000 vehicle sold. Chevrolet Europe Q1 sales are up 30 percent to a record market share of 2.2 percent, GM Russia is showing 78 percent increase and the Cadillac brand is finally taking off with 13 percent growth. Even the gas guzzler Hummer brand is showing a 59 percent increased compared to Q1 2007, and keep in mind that gas in Europe cost almost $10 a gallon ! We wonder how they dit it but it seems that the American brands are finally breaking into the European market. GM global positioning is paying off and it pays in Euros, worth 1.57 US Dollar for those who don’t follow the market. Global positioning is really paying off, especially when you think that US sales outlook are in the red.

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