This time, General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz is definitely having no second thoughts. After temporarily holding off his retirement plans last year to lead GM’s marketing department and act as a senior advisor to GM chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre, Lutz has officially called it a day.

According to CNBC, the larger-than-life Lutz will officially retire from General Motors effective May 1st.

The man a lot of people refer to as ‘Maximum Bob’ for his boisterous personality is also widely regarded as one of the principal figures responsible for jump-starting the company’s product development after it became a little too stale back in the early part of the millennium.

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Among Lutz’s biggest accomplishments included the development of the Chevrolet Volt – some would even say this is Lutz’s crowning achievement – GM’s new plug-in electric car that the automaker hopes can reshape the landscape of the auto industry as it veers strongly towards developing fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles in the future.

Curiously enough, Lutz’s announcement comes shortly after General Motors decide to do yet another spring cleaning of their sales and marketing division for the third time in a span of five months.

There’s no telling what Bob Lutz has planned after he leaves GM, but we do know that someone of his stature and boisterous personality will continue to make the news long after he rides off into the retirement sunset.

Source: CNBC

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  (344) posted on 03.15.2010

The Chevy volt has been one of the best new technology car out there. If it were only that affordable to other cars, I would have probably gotten my self one of those as they can be easily tuned.

Uncia  (868) posted on 03.5.2010

Few things could benefit our American car industry more than Lutz’s retirement. Let’s hope he stays gone.

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