At any other time, this would have been a really cool replica to have. But one company seems to think otherwise and unfortunately for Mongoose Motorsports, that company just happens to be General Motors.

The Ohio-based company produces unlicensed replicas of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, a car that’s as rare as any car you can find in history. Despite its exclusivity and rarity, Mongoose seems to have learned to make a detailed replica of the down to every last curve of the ’63 Corvette. They do it so well, in fact, that GM saw fit to file for copyright infringement. As part of the lawsuit, GM wants access to Mongoose’s financial records, in addition to an undisclosed amount in financial damages.

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To gain a little perspective as to how rare a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport really is, GM only built five of these cars before discontinuing it and each of the five, in the event it’s sold at this day and age, would probably sell for millions of dollars.

Mongoose is selling their replica Corvette Grand Sport for only $90,000, about half of the amount Duntov Motor Co. – the only company that GM has officially given its blessing to built replicas of the car – is charging for their own replica, which goes for about $190,000.

Given that the resemblance of the Mongoose-built Corvette Grand Sport is uncanny to that of the original GM creation, we don’t disagree one bit with the steps GM is taking to ensure that one of their rarest cars doesn’t fall prey to unlicensed copycats.

Source: Detroit News

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  (570) posted on 03.24.2010

I’m pretty sure that they will get tons of money from Mongoose Motorsports cause I’m pretty sure that such a car, even as a replica, will sell tons specially if people knew about it. 90 grand is cheap for that car but not for any regular car.

  (555) posted on 03.23.2010

That’s so rude for the mongoose, they should ask permission first from the GM before creating a replica.

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