For the GM cars the SS badge comes from- super sport.It has traditionally signaled performance versions of the vehicles over the years since cars like the Camaro and Impala wear it , and the Cobalt sedan, most recently.

The American carmaker is thinking that the label was to much used on the last period , for cars like the most recent version of the Malibu midsize sedan.A car that is not at the same level with the last icons that used the title, cars with the best horsepower, braking power and handling.

But with this move the automaker hopes to make more attractive cars for buyers, by building exclusivity into some models and burnish the overall image of a brand.

Ed Welburn, GM Design global vice president sayd:"Not every car that has some extra features and fancy racing stripes can be an SS,"

Next year GM will make a new sport version of the Equinox compact SUV. The vehicle will have 42 percent more horsepower than the basic Equinox and will be the start of the transition.So will be labeled as ’sport’ not as an SS verion. Among that, GM will no longer offer a SS version of the Malibu.

"That’s one that probably shouldn’t have gotten the SS label," added Chevrolet Marketing Director, Cheryl Catton

Many carmakers use special edition vehicles to stoke sales of the basics models, that’s why such vehicles rarely deliver high sales numbers, but can help company’s sales.

They should be more careful with the vehicles they stick that badge on. when used properly, sport labels may drum up interest in the brand down the line, can help improve a vehicle’s selling power and can increase its resale value, a very important factor for car buyers.

Each brand gets own identity , Buick for example, will aim for an image of luxury and refinement meanwhile Pontiac wants to come across as stylish and performance-oriented.

"Now, from the beginning, we build a car to match the characteristics of the brand, " LaNeve said.

That’s why next month, at the Detroid Auto Show, GM is trying to define evry brand image, by rebuilding its display to showcase each brand separately.

Source: DetNews

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