• GM Just Teased an Electric Camaro And I Just Threw Up

The fact that it looks like an electric Camaro isn’t a big deal, but why the hell is it sitting so high?

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In my book, GM is screwing up a lot of things, and this is coming from a guy that has been pretty loyal to the company’s various brands over the years. Now, it looks like GM is going to ruin the Camaro if what we’re seeing in this latest image turns out to be legitimate. With the Camaro set to be discontinued by 2023, it looks like GM might use the same body style, albeit on a raised, electric platform to combat the Ford Mach-E. Please, say it isn’t so.

Will the Camaro Turn Into an Electric SUV?

With the Chevy Impala officially dead, Chevy is slowly weeding out its car lineup, much like Ford did over the last couple of years. But, while Ford decided to keep the Mustang on board, it’s been said that the Camaro is living on borrowed time. In fact, the Camaro as we know it could be dead by 2023. However, that doesn’t mean the name is going to die. Instead, it looks like Chevy is going to make an electric Camaro.

GM Just Teased an Electric Camaro And I Just Threw Up
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Word comes shortly after GM disclosed that it’s diving hard into the EV segment, with the electric Hummer (in truck and SUV form,) a new Bolt and Bolt Crossover, a few electric Cadillacs, and even a large electric SUV. Now, an image of what appears to be a Camaro body sitting on top of a massive battery pack has emerged, but it’s not akin to the eCOPO Camaro that we’ve seen in the past. Instead, it looks like a high-riding, well, electric Camaro SUV – one like will attempt to compete with the Ford Mach-E crossover, for example.

GM Just Teased an Electric Camaro And I Just Threw Up
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Little is known about it at this point, aside from the fact that the image clearly depicts what looks like a Camaro sitting a little too high for its own good. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, which we’re hoping really is the case, but that’s probably unlikely.

Final (Opinionated) Thoughts

GM Just Teased an Electric Camaro And I Just Threw Up
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GM really isn’t rubbing me the right way these days and, at this point, nothing is surprising. I don’t know about you, but it certainly seems like GM has turned into the kid that shows up to the party way late and tries to fit in with the cool kids. Sure, the new Chevy Tahoe and Suburban were hits, as were their GMC counterparts, but it’s clearer than ever that GM has no idea what it’s doing when it comes to EVs. One would hope that showing up late to the party would give the company the chance to one-up the competition, but this feels like a blind attempt to compete with Ford’s Mach-E, and I don’t see it working out well. But, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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