Yeah, probably not the best move for GM

By now, you know about the Model S that caught fire the other day while sitting in traffic.It was owned by the husband of West Wing Actress Mary McCormack. Well, GM decided to try and burn Tesla a little more, with GM Spokesperson Ray Wert, disclosing that GM had offered to loan Mark McCormack a Chevy Bolt EV so “she has a more dependable electric vehicle to drive.” Well, there are GM haters out there everywhere, and the tables quickly turned with Wert and GM feeling an even worse burn.

Twitter Doing What Twitter Does – Sorry GM

After Ray Wert’s tweet about loaning McCormack a Chevy Bolt, so she has a “more dependable vehicle,” the comments started coming in, and it had to burn a bit. The third reply in points out what a downgrade the Bolt is to the Model S:

The next reply pointed out the same downgrade and the fact that the Bolt was designed to be a taxi:

And, then there’s the comment that points out the fact that the Bolt uses the very same technology:

And, this user that would rather drive a burning Tesla than a Chevy:

Who could forget about the overheating, under-performing Z06 and the deadly ignition locks?

But, the best reply of all points out the recall from a few years back when GM had to recall 1.4 million cars for fire risk after the previous fix failed. Oh, and this source of the link is CNN, by the way:

Needless to say, this attempt at PR burn ended up getting more hate than glory, and it’s hard to believe they didn’t see that coming. I want to say that it is a nice move by GM to offer up a free loaner, and it’s still electric, so it’s green. However, the Chevy Bolt is definitely a huge downgrade in terms of material and luxury, so it really just comes off as a way to try to get some good publicity. GM isn’t so innocent either, and it has contributed to way worse than Tesla has so far. I won’t do the math, but I’d be curious to see the percentages of death and/or failure based on the number of vehicles on the road. It could get interesting.

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