General Motors will unveil a new small-to-medium-size vehicle platform called Alpha that will be a combination of Kappa (Pontiac Solstice) and Zeta (Pontiac G8). The new platform will create a rear-wheel drive architecture that will play a large part in the future of Pontiac and Cadillac.

The first vehicle to use this new platform will be Pontiac G6. GM has announced its intention of making from Pontiac an American answer to BMW, but with a more expressive and sexy design language. Along with this goal would be to migrate the entire platform to rear-wheel drive. This translates into less trucks and SUVs and more sport sedans, coupes, and sporty crossovers.

The same Alpha platform will be used in next Cadilac platform. For the European market the new Alpha-model will replace the BLS. There are no news about a new Cadillac made on the Alpha platform for the US market at this point.

Source: WindingRoad

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