In a time where General Motors’ car sales continue to take a dive, GM is looking at every available nook-and-cranny to find ways on selling their vehicles. As it turns out, they may have found a place that has potential. eBay.

As part of its post-bankruptcy strategy, GM is planning on selling their cars through eBay Motors, which incidentally, starts today. We know the Internet has redefined the way the whole world works but we’ve never come across a car company selling their products on the Web, much less on an on-line auction site. But we can’t fault them for thinking out-of-the-box either.

Under this new program, 225 out of 250 GM dealerships in California will be selling a host of GM brands on the site including Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, and GMC. If you check the website, it has easy-to-follow steps on how you can purchase a brand-new GM vehicle on the site. Some of the items have bottom line ‘Buy it Now’ prices whereas others can be purchased in the old-fashioned eBay way: auctions. The eBay partnership also allows prospective buyers to purchase their cars without having to go to their local dealers to make an inquiry or a purchase.

This is actually the first time GM and eBay have been involved together, a surprising fact considering that a number of dealerships have used eBay Motors to sell their vehicles in the past. Nevertheless, the GM-eBay marriage is set to begin today until the trial program ends on September 8.


Source: GM.eBay

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