GM to bring six design packages for the Camaro to SEMA; urges public to vote for the best design

Want to put your imprint on what future Camaro models would look like?

Here’s your chance. General Motors is scheduled to make an appearance at the SEMA show next week and the Detroit-based automaker is bringing with it six graphics packages for the Camaro so the general public can vote for the design they like best. The winning design will then be featured in succeeding models of the Camaro.

Those who won’t be able to attend the show can also vote via the Camaro’s page on Facebook. You can also check out all six designs packages for the Camaro so you can choose which one you like best.


Source: Facebook

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  (477) posted on 01.7.2010

You want us to vote without any rewards to give, that non-sense by the way. Of course if you’re urging people to vote, you MUST give benefits like selecting one of the voters and experience to drive that winner-design car. Obviously GM will benefit it all by which the winner design (after the tabulated votes) will be featured on their succeeding Camaro series.

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