The whirlwind of activity surrounding General Motors these days appears to be far from over. The latest piece of news we’ve heard is that GM is discontinuing the Pontiac Vibe, two weeks after it said that it had plans of continuing the car through next year.

It wasn’t that long ago when GM said that of all the Pontiac cars earmarked for 2010 releases, only the Vibe and the G6 would be rolled out with the G6 specifically earmarked only to fleet customers.

Now, it appears that the Vibe won’t even make to September as GM has just confirmed that production of the Vibe will finish this August, with poor sales – down 35% through May – being largely attributed as the culprit regarding the Vibe’s untimely demise.

For its part, General Motors has yet to announce a replacement GM model to continue the legacy of the Vibe, although it’s not that far-fetched to assume that with the current financial crisis the embattled car company is facing these days, there might not even be a replacement that’s being discussed.

For now, the Pontiac Vibe’s life span has been cut dramatically short. Despite that production continues on at the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Fremont, California. Nummi – as it’s more popularly known – is a joint production plant venture between GM and Toyota in Fremont, California, which, as far as Toyota is concerned, is also the place where they produce the Vibe’s twin brother from another mother, the Matrix.

In addition to the Vibe, a slew of other Pontiac cars – including the Solstice – are all headed for the chopping block. Production of the Solstice is on its last legs at GM’s production plant in Delaware, which, coincidentally, is one of the plants that GM has decided to shutdown.

The aforementioned G6 is also set to ride into the sunset in September, a month after the exit of the Vibe.

While it’s becoming painfully obvious that car models have been dropping like flies ever since this economic crisis began. But what’s even more depressing to see a company like Pontiac – American originals for the longest time – die a slow and painful death.

Source: N.Y. Times

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