Sixth sense helps prevent accidents.

GM introduce new system that can prevent accidents by communicating with other cars on the road.

GM to introduce collision warning system.

The system is named V2V, which obviously stands for vehicle to vehicle, and this is the scary bit it enables the cars fitted with this device to communicate with each other!! Speeds, direction, and of course location, this enables the system to evaluate the levels of warnings according to the data it has.

The system has been called “Sixth Sense” which is quite apt really as this is exactly what it is a sixth sense where car and driver can get information in advance, unlike as of this moment when we have to predict what a car is doing in speed and direction, this system has the information at hand and can give the driver a clear warning of another vehicle on the freeway that is slowing down ahead or pulling across from the side.

The system uses a clever mix of GPS receivers and LAN networks and establishes communication with other vehicles when with a few hundred metres, it then when the system obtains the information of speed, location, direction, slowing and acceleration.

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