As expected, it is based on the electric Hummer truck and shares almost all the features and specs

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Almost every new upcoming EV truck has an SUV-twin – Rivian R1T and R1S, Bollinger B1 and B2, and so on. GMC has jumped the wagon, too, and has officially announced an electric SUV based on the Hummer EV. While many features are shared, there are a few differences between the two that deem the SUV to be the inferior one. It boasts of fewer horses in the SUV avatar but there seems to be no price difference in the three standard trims on offer.

What’s Special About The Hummer EV SUV?

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
- image 981011

The biggest differentiating factor is obviously the body. It looks the same when viewed from the front, but things change drastically on the sides and the back. The Hummer has a reputation for being a rugged, muscular SUV, so it feels in its habitat in this avatar. Even though it seems like just plonking a roof and some side panels over the bed of the Hummer supertruck, GMC has done a neat job here; at least what we see in the images. There’s also a full-size spare tire mounted on the tailgate! We hope the execution of the production version is also as smooth and flawless.

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV High Resolution Interior
- image 980987

The cabin is most likely going to be identical to the truck. GMC has confirmed a five-seat setup here, but no other details are provided. We don’t expect anything different here. The same 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and the 13.4-inch touchscreen system to be carried over. The only place where GMC could differentiate is in the upholstery and the basic theme, something different from the truck’s ‘Lunar Horizon’ theme.

What Powers The Hummer EV SUV?

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV High Resolution Interior
- image 980994

GMC has maintained the same trim monikers for the SUV too. Hummer will offer two trims with a dual-motor setup and two trims with a tri-motor setup. The EV2 and EV2X come with a motor mounted on each of the axles that churn out a combined 625 horses and 7,400 pound-feet of torque. The EV3X and the Edition 1 trims come with three motors that make 830 ponies and 11,500 pound-feet of twist combined.

The tri-motor setup will enable the SUV to sprint to 60 mph from rest in the ballpark of 3.5 seconds.

For the uninitiated, these are torque figures at the wheels and not the motor, thus coming across as seemingly deceptive. EngineeringExplained broke down the math in the case of the Hummer Supertruck and the same logic applies here, too.

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior High Resolution
- image 981027

As for the battery setup, the SUV will draw power from the automaker’s Ultium battery system that we’ll see in many upcoming products across the family. The base EV2 comes with a 16-module setup as standard, whereas all the other models will feature a 20-module pack. The latter will also support fast-charging up to 300 kW. The good thing is the 20-module battery can be had on the base trim as an option.

GMC estimates a range of 250+ miles on the base EV2 trim, 280+ miles on the Edition 1 with Extreme Off-Road package, and 300+ on the EV2X, EV3X, and the standard Edition 1.

An Off-Road Package Is Already Announced

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
- image 981015

The Edition 1, which will most likely be a limited-production trim, will be offered with an Extreme Off-Road Package for an additional $5,000. Despite this, it’s 2,000 bucks cheaper than the Supertruck’s Edition 1. Here’s what the Extreme Off-Road Package includes:

  • 18-inch wheels
  • 35-inch-OD Mud-Terrain tires
  • Underbody armor
  • Rock sliders
  • Front eLocker and virtual rear lockers
  • Heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts
  • UltraVision system with underbody camera views

This off-road package will be available on the EV2X and the EV3X trims also, for perhaps the same amount or slightly more.

What About The Tech Features?

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV High Resolution Interior
- image 981000

GMC announced an insane amount of tech features on the Hummer EV last year and most of them seem to be carried over to the SUV, too. The automaker mentioned a few of them that will be available here either as standard or optional. These include the SuperCruise autonomous system that offers hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles of enabled roads. It even comes with automatic lane changing.

There’s the Crab Mode that lets you drive diagonally, courtesy of the four-wheel steer feature. The rear-wheel steer can articulate up to 10 degrees, and front wheels can be steered at the same angle at low speeds, thus allowing the SUV to walk like a crab. UltraVision system will also be available. It includes forward and rear-facing cameras under the body that give you 18 different views.

GMC has made a mention of the Extract Mode as well, which raises the vehicle up to six inches to maneuver carefully over boulders and fording water. This is in the case of the Supertruck, but we expect the same travel range on the SUV as well.

How Much Will The Hummer EV SUV Cost?

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
- image 981011

The standard trims are priced identical to the truck version, but the Edition 1 model is $7,000 cheaper here. As mentioned earlier, the Edition 1 can be opted with the Extreme Off-Road package for additional moolah, but it still works out to be cheaper than the truck’s Edition 1. This is how every trim is priced:

  • Hummer EV2 – $79,995
  • Hummer EV2X – $89,995
  • Hummer EV3X – $99,995
  • Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 – $105,595
  • Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 with Extreme Off-Road Package – $110,595

The prices mentioned include the destination charges. If GMC hasn’t sold more than 200,000 examples of electric vehicles by the time it arrives, the SUV will be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. If the new GREEN Act comes into play, then the customers will be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,000 after the first cap of 200,000 vehicles is exhausted.

When Will It Arrive?

GMC Unveils The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
- image 981018

The Hummer EV SUV will start arriving in early 2023. Here’s the schedule for when each model will arrive. The expensive ones arrive first, followed by the cheaper trims. Here’s each model’s timeline:

  • Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 with Extreme Off-Road Package – Early 2023
  • Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 – Early 2023
  • Hummer EV3X – Spring 2023
  • Hummer EV2X – Spring 2023
  • Hummer EV2 – Spring 2024

Hummer further mentioned that over 200 accessories will be available right from the launch.

EV2 EV2X EV3X EV Edition 1 EV Edition 1 with Extreme Off-road Package
Range (miles) 250+ 300+ 300+ 300+ 280+
Horsepower Up to 625 Up to 625 Up to 830 Up to 830 Up to 830
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 7,400 Up to 7,400 Up to 11,500 Up to 11,500 Up to 11,500
0-60 mph N/A N/A ~3.5s ~3.5s ~3.5s
Motors Two motors Two motors Three motors Three motors Three motors
Battery 16-module 20-module 20-module 20-module 20-module
DC Fast-charging  400v 800v/300kW 800v/300kW 800v/300kW 800v/300kW
Price $79,995 $89,995 $99,995 $105,595 $110,595
Availability Spring 2024 Spring 2023 Spring 2023 Early 2023 Early 2023
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