A few days ago, we showed you an Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Edition that was butchered by its owner when he decided to turn it into a pseudo Art Car similar to the one made by artist Jeff Koons with the BMW M3 GT2.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wallow in the sight of that car because here we have an Aston Martin DB9 that has been dressed up in gold. What’s more, it’s the type of gold finish that doesn’t leave us squinting as if we just took a long look at the sun. It’s got an ostentatious look to it yet it doesn’t come across as too flamboyant, which really is the only thing that could ruin a DB9 because, well, this car just reeks and oozes of awesomeness.

And if you happen to be smitten with this car just like us – and you got some serious moolah in your pockets – you can actually buy this car for $152,608. It’s got a steep sticker to it, but it’s still an Aston Martin DB9, which if you didn’t know, holds the distinction of being the UK’s favorite car of the last 25 years.


Source: Luxury 4 Play

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  (442) posted on 11.19.2010

yeah, extremely gorgeous...but it’s Aston so..what should we expect..but good and nice cars though..

  (677) posted on 09.20.2010

Gorgeous is the best word for it.

  (13) posted on 09.10.2010

I must say this car is damm sexy. I loved its color. Aston martin in this color is something diffrent to see.

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