TO THE THIEF WHO STOLE THE GOLD PORSCHE 911: Here’s your match set.

Unfortunately for that thief, this Porsche is a few thousand miles from Moscow. This Cayenne is in the home of chrome cars, Dubai. The thief probably interested anyway. From the looks of the perfect shine, this is most likely not actual gold but just a wrap instead.


Source: GT Spirit

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  (182) posted on 04.23.2009

To have a car gold plated is not cool but it’s a lot better than cover your car with gold and lose it for nothing.

  (183) posted on 04.23.2009

I would never waste my money to make my car chrome plated. I’d rather invest it in a technology that would make it fly. Then, we can check who is much cooler.

  (137) posted on 04.23.2009

I got this from the net that that an ultra-rare Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang ( chrome plated), one of only five built, had been put up for sale in Abu Dhabi for undisclosed amount. A second Pur Sang is being offered in via online global luxury marketplace JamesList for $3 million in Frankfurt, Germany where the car was originally unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now this is more than that 911. What do you think?

  (314) posted on 04.23.2009

FYI: In 2007, a Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) was issued banning several toxic substances for use in the automotive industry in Europe, including hexavalent chromium, which is used in chrome plating. Now that’s not so environmental after all.

  (318) posted on 04.23.2009

They say some like it gold. some like it silver, but I like it both. This is so psychedelic—I want chrome plated rainbow more fuzzy more funky

  (421) posted on 04.22.2009

Getting your car chrome plated... That’s cool. But to spend 500 bucks per litre of paint is vanity. I would rather have better paint colors.

  (231) posted on 04.22.2009

You can check amazing-planet/chrome-cars and see more of these chrome plated cars including BMW, Mercedes, Auidi, Lamborghini name it they have it. It cost $500 per litre of chrome paint. That’s chrome plating to the max!

BMWM6  (488) posted on 04.22.2009

If I wear to custom paint I would go with matte black

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