Replaces sluggish golf carts and encourages riders to “Surf the Earth”

Spending a Sunday out on the golf course is a great way to relax – sunshine, freshly cut grass, open air… you know, all that good stuff. Unfortunately, the sport isn’t exactly the most pulse-pounding pastime in the world, and the pace of the game ends up dulling the experience for a lot of folks. Now, GolfBoards hopes to change that with a new way to get around the greens.

Essentially a big electric skateboard with room for your clubs, the GolfBoard is designed to carve the fairway. An upright handle provides a spot for the thumb-operated throttle, while turns are executed by leaning left or right. All ages are encouraged to ride, and it’s reported that the average time to play 18 rounds is decreased to two hours, 37 minutes when using one. What’s more, the GolfBoard is also significantly less damaging to the grass than a normal golf cart or foot traffic.

There’s even a cup holder and a place for the cooler.

There are currently two models on offer – the CourseBoard, which maxes out at 10 mph, and the bigger, badder SportBoard, which can hit 14 mph.

As of this writing, there are over 100 courses offering players a chance to take the GolfBoard for a spin. Most are in the U.S., but a few are located overseas, including spots in the U.K., U.A.E., and Indonesia.

Rental prices are a bit steeper than a traditional cart, but hey, time is money, right?

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Why It Matters

GolfBoards To Quicken Pace Out On The Links
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As the generation that grew up snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding gets on in the years, sports like golf need to adapt to draw in new players. After all, even though a perfect drive isn’t quite as exciting as a crooked grind down a 20-stair handrail, it’s definitely a LOT easier on the body.

So how do you have fun without the threat of shattering your femur? The GolfBoard is a decent place to start.

On to the specs: power comes from a lithium-ion battery, with over 18 miles of distance possible before it needs a recharge – definitely within the scope of an 18-hole round. It comes with an LED indicator for the battery charge level, plus independent electric motors for four-wheel drive and good traction.

There are both high and low drive settings. The tires are 11 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and there’s an auto-lock setting to keep it from rolling when stopped on an incline. The suspension uses spring plates in front and back to help it glide over surface irregularities, which can be adjusted to the particular size and ride style of whoever is on board.

Now if it could only cure that gnarly-looking slice…

Source: GolfBoard

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