Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor is reborn

Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor is reborn
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The moment you think of the movie Gone in 60 seconds, Angelina Jolie will be the first thing to pop up in your mind. The second thing will be the grey Eleanor, a 1967 Mustang, which put Detective Roland Castlebeck and his team through hell. Sadly, the former belongs to someone else but the later is now single and looking!

The first officially licensed version of "Eleanor" from the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds can now be bought. A company named Classic Recreations is making the car that will be "built on a classic muscle-car frame but with high-tech materials and technology."

The 1967 Mustang Fastback comes in two variants- either with a naturally aspirated 535hp engine or a supercharged 750 hp version. The engine is mated to a Tremec TKO Manual or automatic transmission. The car is fitted with high performance z rated tires and oversize slotted and cross-drilled Baer brakes. On the inside, you will end up with leather interiors, armed NOS switch, aluminum steering wheel and a 180 mph speedometer, all of which will make you feel like Memphis Raines.

Prices range from $139,900 for a 535-horsepower FI model to $189,900 for a 770-hp FIS model.


Source: Classic Recreations

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  (8) posted on 08.26.2008

damn, the hood on that thing is huge so the engine must be a monster, it put’s out 770 horsepower, it outdose the newer lambo’s wish dose 500hp damn this thing is a MONSTER! i wanta see it at a drag strip.

  (6021) posted on 02.22.2008

great products remain great only thro endorsements in mass media like this.

  (6021) posted on 02.18.2008

what a beauty

  (6021) posted on 02.17.2008

awesome!...my favorite car from my favorite movie

  (6021) posted on 02.17.2008

This is the best car

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