As it turns out, Volkswagen is actually committed to what the people want.

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With EVs and Hybrids slowly starting to take over, the manual transmission that once widely served as the standard for entry-level models has now become an expensive option and sought-after commodity for sports cars and hot hatches. We’ve explained why the manual transmission is living on borrowed time and even gone into depth on how BMW is slowly moving away from the manual transmission too. Meanwhile, other automakers like Porsche are trying to remain true to their manual roots. The continuity of the manual transmission is a mixed bag, no doubt, but as it turns out, Volkswagen is going to go the route of Porsche, which is now even offering certain trims of the 911 with a manual, by keeping the manual transmission on the cars as long as there is a demand for it.

What Volkswagen Cars Will Continue to Be Offered With a Manual Transmission?

Good News: Volkswagen Won't Abandon the Manual Transmission Unless You Want It To Interior
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In a brief interview with Autocar Volkswagen’s Tech Chief, Matthias Rabe expressed the company’s desire to continue offering the manual transmission:

“Some people enjoy going back to their roots and changing gear manually, and so long as there is a demand, we will continue to offer them.”

So, in a nutshell, as long as we still want a manual transmission, VW will continue to offer them. However, there is a caveat here, and that is that the manual transmission won’t be available for all models. Right now, this trend is very prominent in hybrid vehicles. The 2020 VW Golf GTI, for example, comes standard with a six-speed manual, but the diesel-powered Golf GTD and hybrid GTE are only offered with a six- or seven-speed DSG transmission. The Touareg R PHEV is also an auto-only affair, and it’s suspected that the upcoming R models – the Tiguan R and Arteon R – will only be offered with AWD and a DSG transmission as well.

Good News: Volkswagen Won't Abandon the Manual Transmission Unless You Want It To
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The Up! GTI and Polo GTI are still offered in Europe with a manual transmission, but this news does raise one big question: Will the upcoming 2021 Volkswagen Golf R be offered with a manual transmission?

That’s a big question, and it could boil down to what VW actually does with the Golf R. Back in 2018, we learned that the Golf R would be a mild-hybrid and, if that’s the case, it may only be offered with an automatic transmission. With that said, the manual transmission will still remain available for a lot of the less-sporty and non-hybrid models, but for enthusiasts, having at least some sporty models with the manual transmission is more than ideal.

Good News: Volkswagen Won't Abandon the Manual Transmission Unless You Want It To
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Unfortunately, the manual transmission and internal combustion engine will eventually die, but some companies like VW are still keeping them alive, and that’s something I think we can all appreciate.

Source: Autocar

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