• Good things come in threes: BMW Youngtimers celebrate landmark birthdays.

    Bmw youngtimers
BMW Youngtimer:
  • 40 Years BMW 02 Series.
  • 30 Years BMW 6 Series.
  • 20 Years BMW M3.
  • BMW Mobile Tradition is celebrating three landmark birthdays in 2006. This year marks the anniversary for three series, each of which interprets the theme of sportiness in its own inimitable way. In 1966, volume production started up for the 02 Series. This series was extraordinarily successful in reinterpreting the concept of the sports saloon and played a major role in motor sport long after production had come to an end. In 1976, the elegant 6 Series Coupé entered the limelight at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time. It was distinguished and fast on the road, while being superior and aggressive on the race track. In 1986, the first M3 rolled off the assembly line and took to the road – a thoroughbred racing car licensed to drive on open roads.

    Sport has kept all of these cars fit. Even if they’re now getting on in years – they certainly aren’t old! Their owners make sure of this by taking a literal approach to the concept of “Mobile Tradition”. Not only are there a large number of vehicles driving around quite happily on the roads – these cars are still battling to gain the top placings in races for classic cars. The owners can rely on the support of BMW in their endeavour – more than 90 percent of all spare parts are still supplied for the 02 Series. And that’s just one example!

    Another factor links the 02 Series, 6 Series and M3. As “Youngtimers”, they’re enjoying enhanced popularity, and demand is on the increase. In fact: this designation is only applicable officially to the 6 Series. FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), the leading international organization for classic cars, includes the model years 1971 to 1980 in Class G or “Youngtimers”. The preceding decade, when the 02 was launched, is called Class F or “Economic Miracle”. Officially, there’s no Class H for the 1980s, but the vehicles from this period are often referred to as “Classics of the Future”.

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