• GOOPS- Google Maps on your GPS Automotive Screen

Goops is a nifty program that allows you to view Google Map feeds on your vehicles navigation system. You will need a fairly new GPS receiver in your automobile and a computer that can hold up to 2b cache memory so that the Google Maps can read thoroughly and accurately when it is hooked up to your Navigation system. In the future when there is Wifi access everywhere , I can see this pretty much putting GPS makers out of business. All you wil need is a nice portable laptop or webenabled phone. Click ahead for instructions and information

How to Run- GooPs:

Demo Mode:
Press the “Start Demo” button. Google Earth should start automatically if it is not already running.
A GooPsServers network link should appear in the Google Earth “Temporary Places” folder.
Google Earth should zoom in to and track the “Me” GooPs cursor.
Use the native Google Earth navigation keys or buttons to rotate, tilt, and zoom while you are tracking.
Select other demo vehicles from the GooPs main window AutoTrack Combo Box
Select AutoView Rotate/Zoom/Tilt to automatically set the Google Earth view parameters based on your current speed.

Set your GPS to output NMEA.
Press the GooPs “Options…” button.
Uncheck the “Demo Mode” box in the GPS area of the Options dialog.
Select the appropriate Port and Rate in the GPS area of the Options dialog.
Press the “Connect” button or select “Auto Connect”.

Common Problems:
If Google Earth tracks slowly or is stuck out in space, check that the Google Earth “Fly-to Speed” slider in Options->Control->Advanced is set toward the “Fast” end of the slider.
If Google Earth pops up a “Fetch of NetworkLink GooPsServers failed” message, right-click on the GoopsServers Network Link in the Google Earth Places folder and select “Refresh”.
If no GooPs cursor appears or duplicate cursors appear, check that there are no old GooPsServers network links (from previous versions of GooPs) in the GE “Places” folder. Delete any old or duplicate GooPsServers network links.

Source: http://sites.onlinenw.com/goops/goo...

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