Last year we brought you first rumors about Gordon Murray’s future $10000 mini supercar. And today we bring you the first most detailed sketches yet of Gordon Murray’s new T25 city car project.

Gordon Murray city car sketches
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The Type 25 achieves its light weight by design with innovative use of materials. These materials have been selected for piece cost and manufacturing cost in combination with a “fit for purpose” approach.

The Type 25 further benefits from its lack of bulk. All three factors – design, material selection and size combine to help achieve a vehicle weight 400kg lighter than most small cars.

Gordon Murray city car sketches
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Gordon Murray Design will produce running prototypes of the base vehicle which will be developed for production intent. The management, design and engineering team will be in a position to offer ongoing engineering input and support for a manufacturer including work on variants, powertrain options and fuels.

The vehicle is designed to enable many low-cost variants to be derived from the same platform and it is the intention of the company to choose manufacturing partners during the 24 month prototype programme.

T25 will be a new start in small vehicle design. It will be fully engineered from a construction and a safety point of view with no concessions applied for new vehicle type. It will have a dramatic, positive effect on environmental damage, congestion and parking problems when produced in volume but most importantly the size, weight and vehicle dynamics will ensure that the driving fun remains alongside protecting our personal mobility for many years to come.

The T25 City Car is the first project for Gordon Murray Design. Waiting in the wings is another project which will take a similarly radical approach to high performance sports cars. Some four years of work have gone into car design for a new breed of Super Car. A car which absolutely reverses the trend towards larger, heavier and more powerful super cars. This car will give the driver all the driving feedback and pleasure that a good power to weight ratio and vehicle dynamics can deliver but from lightweight and modest power. The result will be more affordable and a more environmental friendly super car.

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  (520) posted on 07.4.2008

that sounds interesting, i hope they will build the prototype soon, i`m curious how will look like

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