• Gordon Murray, The Man Behind the McLaren F1, Has An Amazing Garage

Murray’s collection of cars is impressive regardless of how you look at it

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He masterminded the McLaren F1, a supercar that’s still relevant today as far as performance and brilliant engineering goes. He also helped Brabham secure two Formula 1 world titles and younger folks might know him as the creator of the bonkers 650-horsepower, Cosworth-motivated T.50 supercar.

By now, you know we’re talking about Gordon Murray, the ultimate car guy in our book and the owner of an impressive garage filled to the brim with lightweight sports cars.

Gordon Murray, The Man Behind the McLaren F1, Has An Amazing Garage
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Few people in the car industry have longer and beefier resumes than Gordon Murray. What we didn’t include in our introduction there is that he also helped McLaren F1 lift three consecutive world championships as a technical director.

What is more, Gordon Murray also had a big say in the development of the – wait for it – Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, then he’s the one who designed the new TVR Griffith and of course, went on to father the T.50 supercar.

Gordon Murray, The Man Behind the McLaren F1, Has An Amazing Garage
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Coming back to what his garage looks like, let’s say that it includes a variety of cars of all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of the quirkiest of them all is the 1972 Minibug T2 that features a “well-tuned” Cooper S engine.

Another neat addition was a 1966 Ford Cortina, which he “found in Bristol and it’s totally rust free.”

Then there’s a Ferrari 308 GT4, a 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite, a 1967 IGM T1, and a 1966 De Tomaso Vallelunga. Oh, and not to mention a trio of Lotus cars – Elan S3, Elan S4, and the Elite.

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