What do you think about a a man who designed a $1 million car and now has plans to build a $10.000 one? Quite a difference I might say! But the question is: will the $10.000 say anything about Gordon Murray or will be just a car designed to bring money to the company? What we will see!

The new $10.000 model will be launched in the next two years. It will be an an eco-friendly but ’cool’ car. The new model will hit into the newly launched Fiat 500 and MINI.

The model will be made from lightweight materials, this is why it will weigh only 500kg, and is to get a fru­gal pet­rol engine that can run on biofuels. The model will promise other financial incentives, including tax breaks and potential free city centre parking.

The new model will be codenamed T.25 and will be build in limited numbers.

Also the Murray’s company will build a new supercar. It will be build from lightweight materials and will be eco-friendly and cost a fraction of the F1’s price. It should arrive in 2010.

Source: AutoExpress

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