Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has some pretty swanky attachments to his name. Not only does he have extensive experience presenting a variety of television programs, including Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, and MasterChef Junior, but he also owns a number of top-shelf restaurants scattered throughout the world. Forbes estimates his wealth to be in the ballpark of $48 million, which means the man has the resources to pick up some of the best automobiles in existence. Now, he’s adding to his collection with a brand new Ferrari LeFerrari.

According to the UK-based publication Daily Mail, the Ferrari squared will be Ramsay’s 15th prancing horse since he became a celebrity chef, with other models including an F12 Berlinetta, F430, 458 Italia, and 550 Maranello. Ramsay made the purchase only a few days after two-time world champion F1-driver Lewis Hamilton bought one himself.

Engraved at the bottom of the squared steering wheel is the word “DONE!,” Ramsay’s catchphrase. The exterior is done in a silvery charcoal grey paint hue.

So then, when it comes to actually using one of the 499 LaFerraris produced, what did Ramsay have on the menu? Apparently, the celebrity used the mega-horsepower exotic to shuttle his kids around.

“My first trip was out on the M4 to watch Megs Netball fyi it didn’t take me long to get there...” Ramsay posted to his Instagram account, followed by “The Electric part even toasts your bread quickly...”

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Why It Matters

While this pinnacle of Italian sports car engineering should certainly be more than adept at providing transport to Ramsay’s offspring, I don’t think I’m alone in hoping the loud-mouthed chef uses it for more than just getting around the UK. Luckily, it appears as though the man takes his driving seriously, as he placed at the top of the leader board after appearing in the reasonably priced car for Top Gear’s interview segment back in 2006, earning a lap time of 1:46.38. In fact, his time stood at the top spot until Simon Cowell later bested it.

Other expensive, performance-oriented automobiles in his stable include a supercharged Range Rover Sport and Bentley Continental GT, so at least the LaFerrari won’t be lonely.

Ferrari LaFerrari

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari High Resolution Exterior
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You might think it’s a bit arrogant and narcissistic for a brand to name a model after itself, but that should fit in quite nicely with Ramsay’s overall personality and demeanor. The name is fitting though, considering the LaFerrari is the prancing horse’s most powerful road-going production car ever created.

While beautifully designed, the exterior of this hybrid is also remarkably functional, sporting a drag coefficient of nearly 0.3. Despite this slipperiness, all those swoops and wings create copious downforce when needed thanks to active aerodynamics as monitored by the car’s dynamic vehicle controls. Making the go is a 6.3-liter V-12 with two electric motors, which combine to provide the rear wheels with 963 horsepower and over 663 pound-feet of torque

Pricing starts at $1.75 million, which is totally reasonable if your likeness is broadcast worldwide and you can whip up world-class duck flambe like it’s a bowl of cereal.

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Source: DailyMail

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