A fiery chef deserves a fiery car. That’s the prevailing thought that we took home after finding out that one of the most volatile chefs on the planet, Gordon Ramsay, was spotted in London driving a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Okay, the supercar isn’t exactly his – it’s on loan from Ferrari – but Ramsay has been well-documented in the past for being a Ferrari aficionado (he has six of them in his garage) and it’s possible that he could have been testing this white 458 Italia out with hopes of actually scooping one up in the future. At least until after the company fixes the 458’s current fire problem.

And to be honest, it’s a match made in heaven for Ramsay and the 458 Italia. Not only are both considered to be one of the best in their respective fields, but just like the supercar, Gordon Ramsay has no problem burning up in anger in front of other people.

We’re kidding, of course.


Source: SWNS

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  (518) posted on 11.4.2010

it seems that a lot of celebrity is driving the Italia. Like Jeremy Clarkson..

  (462) posted on 10.28.2010

if you’re kind of Ramsay type then you should have Ferrari 458 Italia ..

  (461) posted on 10.3.2010

I am sure there is a waiting list about 2 years long for this car so far. Do they really need to make a video marketing this car or any other Ferrari?

  (1211) posted on 10.1.2010

I had that exact same outfit circa 1980. Man, those were the days...

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