• Gotham Dream Cars is Making Supercar Driving Cheap and Easy

As an auto writer, I do get the chance to sit in some cool cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder I drove in Gumball or the Nissan GT-R I reviewed, but what if you aren’t a writer and you still want to experience the thrust of a Ferrari? There are a few companies out there that do special track days and even daily rentals of exotic cars, but those experiences are usually thousands of dollars and you usually need to travel to a really big city or race track. What if you are one of the millions who just can’t tick all those boxes to try a car? I have a solution.

Gotham Dream Cars has a new program called Dream Car Sprint that may help you out. It’s a traveling program that visits nearly 50 cities around the country, and they set up a full autocross course for you to play on. The best part is the cost; $250. I have yet to find a cheaper way to bury your foot in the throttle of cars like the Ferrari F430.

They have other more traditional programs with varying costs, but this traveling circus of horsepower sounds the coolest. They are coming to a local spot near me soon, and I am going to give it a shot. Keep your eyes here to see what I think about that.

Read more about the Gotham Dream Car Sprint and their other programs below.

Gotham Dream Car Sprint

The Dream Car Sprint is Gotham’s lowest priced program, and the cheapest way I have seen to get into a supercar. The company has a set of four cars that it trucks around the country to various spots chosen based on its general overall location around the states as well as population density. Basically Gotham tries to hit as many different spots as possible where there are large amounts of people. That means that if you live within an hour or so of a really big city, the Dream Car Sprint likely comes close enough for you to make it there.

These events feature two main cars, and two extra cars that you can pay more to try out. The base cars are a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. The upper-level cars vary, but one of them is usually the F430 Challenge Stradale.

This event is short, usually less than hour from signing up to going home with swag and a smile, but as a supercar entrance exam, it seems like a solid deal. If they have time and room, they will also let you go back out for the nominal fee of $25 per lap.

Dream Car Dash

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If all you want is pure speed, the Dream Car Dash is what you need to look for. Rather than a traveling supercar circus with an autocross course, the Dream Car Dash takes place on actual race tracks. This program still uses the Gallardo and F430 as the base cars with cars like Challenge available, and you get a couple of laps on the race track. According to Gotham, most participants will reach speeds of around 150 mph on this trip.

The cost for this is a little higher at $450, but considering the potential speed and track time it may be worth it to a lot of you. It’s a good, safe way to go fast.

Dream Car Tour

Gotham Dream Cars is Making Supercar Driving Cheap and Easy Exterior
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This a much more traditional supercar experience. At $895 it is easily the most expensive option on this list, but it is also the longest, and it gives you the best chance to play with some cool metal. Gotham says this whole event takes a few hours, and over the course of your journey you will get to pilot six different cars.

It sounds cools, but remember that this event is on public roads, so don’t expect ludicrous speeds or massive powerslides. The cost is high, but if you just want to jaunt around the countryside in some expensive and pretty Italian cars, it seems like a solid experience.

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