It’s the first GPS system that may tell you to not go anywhere. Jaty Electronics in South Korea is now producing a GPS system that also includes an integrated breathalyzer. The JTNV-DR7200 offers a visual readout of your blood alcohol content that includes a skull and crossbones graphic when you’ve crossed the liquor line. This can now be your after-bar best friend because it not only helps tell the cabbie exactly where you are, but you can also use the memory function to find your car the next morning. Those lucky South Koreans also get integrated media players and a USB port, so you can have something to do while waiting for the taxi or, if you didn’t listen to the DR7200, waiting to post bail. The system is marketed to have be ability to go just about anywhere, so now you can also know when you’re too drunk to golf, fish, ski, hike, bike, hunt…


Source: Autoblog

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