GPS application set to be released for the iPhone

GPS application set to be released for the iPhone
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If you happen to be one of those iPhone users that enjoy your Pocket Hercules of a mobile phone, yet still feel that you’re not getting the most out of it, then here’s news from the grapevine that will surely pique your curiosity.

Word around the 2009 WWDC is that there are a couple of new and extremely useful applications for the iPhone that has a lot of people buzzing with anticipation: the Tom Tom and the Zipcar

The first application is actually something a lot of iPhone users have been clamoring for a long time. It’s a new and ground-breaking app from Tom Tom that will turn your iPhone into your own personal navigation system. Despite having the appropriate hardware to allow this feature, the iPhone has never actually had a GPS application system. Although there hasn’t been a price tag attached to the Tom Tom, it is expected to hit the market soon and in doing so, finally giving iPhone users the navigation system it has long wanted.

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The other application that’s been making a buzz is a car-sharing service called the Zipcar. While it does not boast of the obvious practicality of the Tom Tom, the Zipcar is unique because it allows users to locate the nearest available car for rent relative to their location. Not only that, but with the Zipcar, they can also purchase the drive time and even unlock the car’s door - all by a couple of simple clicks from their iPhone. It remains to be seen how the public is going to react to the Zipcar’s quirky features, but early rumblings suggest that there’s a lot of positive feedback for both the Zipcar and the Tom Tom.

So if you’re an iPhone user that doesn’t have a pretty good sense of direction, you can now rest easy. There are two applications for your iPhone headed your way that’s bound to make your life a whole lot easier.

Source: Tom Tom and Zipcar to be released for the iPhone

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