Plenty of revealing information about the trio, Amazon, and global popularity

Ahead of the release of the second season of The Grand Tour, the motoring show’s three hosts – Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond – recently took time out from their presumably busy schedules to have a sit-down talk with British GQ. Like anything else that involves these guys, the 11-minute interview was eventful in so many different ways. Nobody got hurt, which is a good thing, but the trio did reveal plenty of new information about themselves and the environment surrounding them that most of us didn’t know, or at the very least, have been dying to ask.

Obviously, the interview’s main focus was to highlight the return of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video as the second season is reportedly scheduled to drop before the year ends. The conversation then stretched beyond the usual promos and plugs as the presenters were asked about the differences between working for the BBC as opposed. Not one to back down from tough questions, Clarkson gamely answered, lamenting how he missed the fun of annoying people at the BBC because he can’t do the same with Amazon, not because the latter frowns on it, but because, in his own words, they’re “un-annoyable.” Part of this is likely due to Amazon having a more relaxed working environment than the BBC, though it must also be said that the streaming service does have a lot invested in the success of The Grand Tour. Speaking of which, the show’s rumored budget was also brought to the host’s attention, to which Clarkson responded by saying that the show’s budget isn’t actually far off from what Top Gear had during their era. “Broadly the same as it was before,” according to Clarkson. The interview covers more ground on a number of other topics, not the least of which is the surprising popularity, at least for them, of the hosts. In fact, May even recounted a story of Top Gear’s visit to Syria some years back. Who would’ve thought that not only were Clarkson, May, and Hammond famous in that country, but at least one local in a roadside hut somewhere in the country even knew May by his nickname, Mr. Slowly?

If you have the minutes to spare, do check out the interview.


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