Apparently, some people just can’t get enough and the fact that they’re willing to splurge on an "XL version" of a game they already have is proof that Gran Turismo 5 is alive, kicking, and more popular than it ever has been.

Taking advantage of all of this, Polyphony Digital and Sony Digital are releasing a new XL Edition of GT5, which is set to drop on shelves on January 17, 2012. In addition to all the content the standard game already has, the GT5 XL Edition is expected to have all of the game updates, including the latest ‘Spec 2.0 that was just released a few months ago. On top of that, buyers will also receive a voucher that will get them an additional $20 worth of DLC content. Among the packs included are the Racing Car Pack, the Car Pack 2, the Course Pack, the Paint Pack, and the Racing Gear Pack.

There’s no denying the popularity Gran Turismo 5 has over casual and hardcore gamers alike. The release of the GT5 XL Edition is further proof that when it comes to real-like game play and overall features, GT5 is always chalk-full of those. And all for the bargain price of $39.99 in North America.


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  (777) posted on 02.1.2012

Wow the GT5 is now out. When will it be available in the Philippines? So I can buy it as soon it become available at toy stores nationwide.

  (473) posted on 01.26.2012

This will be a hit. XL version is now out. I’m going to make sure that I’ll have that as soon it has arrived.

  (369) posted on 01.12.2012

I can’t wait to see the whole picture of this Gran Turismo. I’m sure it will rule the road. Amd it’s cool with the black body paint.

  (530) posted on 01.12.2012

Play Station only? What about for those who have an XBox? This is unfair! Haha. But you were right, this is very cheap for that price, lucky for North Americans, they;ll have the chance to grab one. But what about the others who live nearby or those who lives across the mile?

  (342) posted on 01.10.2012

Can’t wait till January 17!! Haha. This is gonna rule. I would love to try playing this game, actually I used to play some and it is not boring. That price is really affordable!

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