The first installment of theGran Turismo video game arrived in 1997 and since then, Sony has sold more than 68 million copies, making it a hit among virtual racing simulators. The latest series - GT 5 - arrived in 2010, and only three years later, Sony is already preparing the launch on the Gran Turismo 6.

The official release will be on November 28, 2013, but the first details on the game will be released on June 10th during the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. The new Gran Turismo 6 will be initially offered for the on the PlayStation 3 platform, but we are pretty sure it will also be offered for the PS4 once it arrives.

As for the cars featured in the game, we are pretty sure we are going to see all the latest supercars, plus a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that has been specially developed for the game.

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About Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 6 will be Released on November 28, 2013
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Gran Turismo is a video game initially launched by Sony in 1997 for the PlayStation video game console. The game is a racing simulator genre and allows players to take control over a car and race it against artificially intelligent drivers on various racetracks.

Up to this point, the game saw five installments: the original Gran Turismo and then series 2 (1999), 3 (2000), 4 (2005) and 5 (2010). The fifth installment was the first game in the franchise to include both mechanical and external damage modeling, and vehicle overturning.

The game allows players to race on the most famous tracks in the world: Nürburgring, Circuit de la Sarthe, Tsukuba Circuit, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Suzuka.

Source: CNet

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