Gran Turismo 7 still doesn’t have a definite timetable, so in the meantime, fans of the racing video game franchise can comfort themselves with Gran Turismo Sport, an offshoot game that Polyphony Digital is developing in partnership with the International Automobile Federation.

Unlike the traditional gameplay of the entire GT franchise, Gran Turismo Sport dives straight into the world of motorsports. Gamers will be given a chance to compete in two flagship FIA-sponsored championships that will run simultaneously throughout the year, specifically the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Fan Cup.

As their names properly imply, the Nations Cup will feature gamers who want to race for their respective countries while the Manufacturers Fan Cup will feature gamers who want to race for their favorite automaker. Both of the two championships will feature plenty of competition so picking which one suits you best is important in determining your chances of success. As an added incentive, the winners of the two championships will receive trophies from the FIA and Gran Turismo.

The format of the championships has yet to be announced because the game is currently under development. Details also need to be fleshed out before more information becomes available. According to Polyphony’s timetable, beta testing of the game is scheduled to take place in the early part of 2016.

For now, all we can do is wait for more information and watch the first official trailer of the new game. The cars may look different than what we’re used to and the driving experience will most definitely be different too. But, other than those things, Gran Turismo Sport is still part of the entire GT universe, and as such, we can definitely expect to see all the things we love about the video game franchise.


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