Grand Theft Auto IV Cars

Grand Theft Auto IV Cars
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Maybe not all of you folks know what cars are available in the Grand Theft Auto IV. Today we will reveal the vehicles found in the 4th edition of the Grand Theft Auto.First of all we have the commercial trucks that have come a long way since the Triad Fish Trucks in the 3rd part of the game. Second of all we have the Trashmaster, a truck known for its resistence. Also the taxis are available in the game and usually are on Crazy Taxi missions. The Stallion represents maybe on of the most popular car and also the first sports car that you encounter in all of th GTA console games. Watch the video after the jump to find out more!

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  (1) posted on 05.10.2008

The song is by Moby and its name is "God moving over the face of the water".

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Hey, Does anyone know what this song is please?

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