What do you get when you combine one of the hottest Ferraris with one of the hottest video games of the year? This great combination equals awesome publicity for the Ferrari Brand and the Grand Theft Auto Franchise. This F360 showed up at the New York Auto Show and although video game blog Kotaku does not know whether it is an official advertiser car or not (it most likely is a fan job) -its still nice to see some love for the F360 at the NY Auto Show. Now if Rockstar games could only get officially licensed vehicles in its game (slim chance though)

[Via Kotaku]

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  (6023) posted on 05.16.2007

that is a nice car............can i use it for 4 weeks please

  (6023) posted on 04.26.2007

f**ken sweet

  (6023) posted on 04.25.2007

this is to cool to belavie

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