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Seven years after the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has reportedly begun development of the critically acclaimed game’s successor. The game has no title yet, but it is safe to assume that it will be called Grand Theft Auto VI.

Specific details about GTAVI have yet to be revealed, but word has it that it will be a “moderately sized release” with regular software updates coming in to expand the overall gaming experience. In whatever form it arrives, expect Grand Theft Auto VI to be just as big — maybe even bigger — than its predecessor. That’s the only direction Rockstar Games can take after GTAV’s incredible run of success and popularity that, after seven years, has yet to show signs of slowing down.

Was Grand Theft Auto V that successful?

It was, and it still is. Grand Theft Auto V is widely considered as the most successful video game of all time. It’s not the best video game ever — that’s up for debate — but as far as sales are concerned, GTA V is second only to Minecraft in the best-selling video game list. Imagine this: within 24 hours of its release in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V generated more than $815 million in worldwide revenue, equating to around 11.21 million copies sold…in one day. To date, more than 120 million copies of GTA V have been sold, and that figure is expected to keep rising until the release of Grand Theft Auto VI.

What are our expectations of Gran Theft Auto VI?

To say that expectations for Grand Theft Auto VI aren’t sky-high would be an enormous understatement to the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Simply put, GTA VI could potentially become the most widely anticipated video game in history, provided that the companies behind the franchise — Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive — are up to the task of creating a game that can live up to the massive hype surrounding it.

What’s the current status of Grand Theft Auto VI?

Grand Theft Auto VI Is Coming; We Just Don't Know When
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According to a report from IGN, Rockstar Games has started the development of Grand Theft Auto VI. Specific details weren’t divulged so it remains unclear as to how far along development is at this point. What’s interesting, at least in the context of Rockstar’s development approach with GTA V, is that the IGN report mentioned a different approach to how the studio will serve GTA VI to the masses once the game is ready for release.

Unlike past versions, {Grand Theft Auto VI} is reportedly going to be a moderately sized release that will be expanded over time through regular updates.

This would mean that the initial launch of GTA VI won’t include the full content. It may not even have half of the content. Granted, a “moderately sized release” is still a big game by Rockstar’s standards so fans shouldn’t expect something half-baked when the game arrives.

Grand Theft Auto VI Is Coming; We Just Don't Know When
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The reason for this approach, according to IGN, is to reduce the stress of trying to pack as much content into the game upon its release. Apparently, Rockstar employees were working up to 100 hours per week trying to create Red Dead Redemption 2, another one of Rockstar Games’ successful video game franchises. The game was launched successfully, but it took a toll on the workforce.

Changes are expected to be made to improve workflow, and that’s likely one of the reasons why GTA VI could be a “smaller” game — at least compared to GTA V — by the time it’s released.

When can we expect Grand Theft Auto VI to arrive?

With the cards on the table, it’s still too early to assume the release of Grand Theft Auto VI. We know that development has already started, but it’s still in the early stages of development. The coronavirus pandemic could also force some delays, dampening hopes that we could see the game arrive in a year or two. My best guess for the game’s release would be sometime in 2023 provided that development goes about as smoothly as we hope it will.

Source: IGN

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