It seemed that everywhere you turned at the 2009 SEMA Show there were at least a few modified Hyundai Genesis Coupes in your field of vision. However there was one tuned two door that stood head and shoulders above the rest, taking a page out of last year’s playbook, the Korean car maker hired a team of expert Japanese tuners to make the most out of their newest sport compact, and if you thought that the HKS Genesis Coupe from the 2008 SEMA Show was jaw dropping, then Greddy’s take on the Genesis Coupe will leave you absolutely breathless with its aggressive body kit, very fashionable vinyl and the mystery of what’s inside.

Greddy Genesis Coupe at the 2009 SEMA Show
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The Greddy Genesis coupe was put together with the typical array of parts from the Trust catalog like an Airinx intake filter, type RZ blow off valve, a full auto turbo timer and the legendary Profec B electronic boost controller. However a few of the more impressive parts that Greddy came up with for the new world engine based turbocharged four cylinder engine; like a larger 18 G turbocharger being fed hot air from a four into one tubular exhaust manifold, a high capacity intake manifold, Greddy’s latest in ECU technology the e-Manage to finish off the bolt on upgrades housed inside the engine bay.

Greddy Genesis Coupe at the 2009 SEMA Show
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The Genesis Coupes stance was adjusted to perfection thanks to a set of Greddy Type-S coilovers and had 20 pistons worth of brake calipers housed inside of a set of gunmetal grey Volk Racing TE-37 wheels. As impressive as those last few items might have sounded, none did as much for both performance and style of the modified Genesis Coupe as the Greddy Spectrum Elite exhaust peaking out underneath the new rear diffuser with its quad tip configuration and anodized blue finish. Once again Greddy has created an automotive masterpiece using their catalog of proven go fast parts without the need for unnecessary bling and Hyundai laid the foundation for them to do it.


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