If you saw our first post on the Grid Autosport announcement then you are well aware how great this new racing game from Codesmasters looks. Well it appears that if you plan on playing this game on your PC, you are going to get even better graphics.

Codemasters has just announced that there will be a day-one upgrade for PC users that brings higher-resolution textures and visual effects. Some of the extra effects that the PC version of the game gets includes things like better car reflections, sharper shadows and even things like reflections on the windscreen when using an in-car camera angle.

One of the reasons for this incredible visual fidelity is the fact that Codemasters developed the game for the PC first. Basically, most games are built for the Xbox or Playstation, and then they are upgraded and moved to PC. The problem with this is that you can only add so much to the base game to make it look better. With Autosport, the game has been built for PC and all of its fancy power, then it was dumbed down to work on the consoles.

The proof is in the pudding, and all the screenshots and videos of this new game look amazing so far.

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Why it Matters

First of all, who doesn’t like better graphics and more details in their racing games? Also, this means that Grid is reaffirming its stance as a PC-first game that it can also adapt for consoles. With so many games going to the console first then up to the PC, the virtual limitless capabilities of PCs goes wasted. Hats off to Codemasters for noticing that its PC gamers want to take advantage of the benefits that PCs afford them over consoles.

Source: Source: Softpedia

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