• Group B Rally Toyota Corolla Looks Ready To Feast on Gravel

Who would you pick to drive it? We’re thinking Sébastien Loeb or Walter Rohrl

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Back when Toyota threw the Corolla into the fiery pits of the World Rally Championship, it had big shoes to fill: the Corolla’s predecessor, the legendary Celica Turbo had written history for the Japanese carmaker. But so would the Corolla, although to less resounding extent.

Debuted in 1997 during Rally Finland with underpinnings taken from the E110 road-going Corolla, the rally car won four rallies (Monte Carlo, Catalunya, and New Zealand in 1998 and China in 1999) and secured the World Manufacturers’ title in 1999.

But what if the Group B was to make a comeback and Toyota built a rally car to do battle there?

Enter the would-be Toyota Corolla rally monster

We can dream all we want, but we’ll never get another chapter in the book of rally racing as bonkers as the Group B was.

Then again, we can at least dream about it and so can concept artist Khyzyl Saleem, aka TheKyza. The only difference being that he actually has the skills and the creativity to lay down his dreams on (digital) paper.

Of course, this being TheKyza, his creation rides very close to the ground, something that would act as an impediment for an actual rally car, especially on gravel-covered stages. This feature doesn’t make it less lovable, though.

Group B Rally Toyota Corolla Looks Ready To Feast on Gravel
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In fact, we’re pretty head over heels with every element of this Corolla, from the wide wheel arches to the wickedly shaped rear wing. And don’t get us started on the exposed exhaust setup in the rear.

TheKyza says he went for inspiration “from the old era Group B and modern day WRC, mixing them together.” We can, indeed, see a bit of the Peugeot 205 T16 in there, as well as some Audi Quattro S1.

Oh, and in the artist’s vision, this monster should pack a twincharged inline-four engine à la Lancia Delta S4. Well, we couldn’t agree more.

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