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Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition Is The Budget-Friendly McLaren F1 You Want

Lusting after the McLaren F1, but don’t have $20 million to spend on? Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition has got your back

The McLaren F1 is still considered to be one of the greatest cars ever made. Since then, there have been a few attempts of recapturing its presence, more specifically, in the form of the McLaren Speedtail and Gordon Murray T50. Unfortunately, all three of the above-mentioned cars cost a fortune, especially the F1, which currently goes for $20.5 million. Luckily, a Canadian firm, DDR Motorsport has got your back with a McLaren F1-inspired kit that costs a fraction of the price. It’s called the Grullon GT8 Grand Prix Edition.

Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition Is The Budget-Friendly McLaren F1 You Want Exterior
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The Canadian firm has been churning out McLaren F1-inspired kits for a while. We first talked about their work back in 2006, when the DDR SP4 was introduced. But while that one was based on a Toyota MR2 SW20-generation, the GT8 is based on a Chevrolet Corvette C5.

The main kit from DDR Motorsport provides the basis for the build, which is a MIG-welded, steel tubular spaceframe that comes with a steel floor and panels. The other important element, the kit provides is the hand-laid fiberglass body, in a white gel coat. The essentials also include a windshield, Lexan side, and rear windows, projector headlight assemblies, front and rear lights, including the turn signals, radiator to engine piping, dashboard, as well as the obligatory bolts, nuts, and washers package.

Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition Is The Budget-Friendly McLaren F1 You Want Exterior
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In addition to the main kit, DDR Motorsport provides a wide array of reinforced carbon-fiber parts. This includes the front bumper, front lip, doors, quarter-panels, louvers, rear wing with pedestals, the roof scoop, and more, finished in grey color for the GT8 Grand Prix Edition.

This being a kit car, you have a few engine options. To no one’s surprise, they are all Chevrolet LS V-8 units. We start with a 5.7-liter LS1, which makes 345 horsepower, in a normally-aspirated setup. You can also opt for a 6.0-liter V-8 or a 7.0-liter LS7, from the C6 ZO6, with 505 horsepower. DDR Motorsport can put a twin-turbo on your V-8 or you can do that yourself. That’s the beauty of a kit car.

The gearbox comes from a Porsche Boxster S and is a six-speed transaxle from Getrag. You need to source that yourself, just like the shifter and cables. You’ll also need an engine to transaxle adapter plate from Kennedy Engineered Performance.

Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition Is The Budget-Friendly McLaren F1 You Want Interior
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As for the rest of the car, you can use everything from the C5 Corvette donor car. Optionally, you can source aftermarket parts, like a new ECU, springs, and shocks, or everything else for that matter. Really, it’s like an expensive Lego set that includes only some of the parts.

The motorsport-inspired interior is bare-bone, but still spoils you with leather bucket seats and a nicely finished lower center console. It also features a racing, digital instrument cluster, and a flat-bottom steering wheel (provided you source them yourself).

Grullon GT8 Gran Prix Edition Is The Budget-Friendly McLaren F1 You Want Exterior
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The price for DDR Motorsport Grullon GT8 Grand Prix Edition is $26,405. Add to that a C5 Corvette donor car, which could be around $15,000 (for a neglected example) and it already seems more sensible if you just go to a dealership and buy a brand new Mustang GT or a Camaro SS. If you don’t necessarily need those carbon-fiber, competition-inspired touches, there’s a cheaper version, called simply the GT8, which costs $17,995.

While any kit car that approaches the $40,000 mark hardly seems justifiable, the price is a miniature fraction of what a real McLaren F1 goes for. So if you absolutely need to have something that, at least looks like one of the most coveted hypercars ever made and don’t mind hunting for parts, go right ahead and snag one of DRR Motorsport’s GT8 kits.

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