Now that the day is finally upon us, there’s a palpable buzz emanating in the air, one that in all honesty, has been bottled up for such a long time that all of us are just about ready to burst.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no more delays this time. The ridiculously long-awaited release of Gran Turismo 5 is getting closer and closer to finally being over.

With the game becoming available tomorrow, we have set out to give you a two-part preview of what cars and race tracks are going to be available in the game. Earlier, we ran down the entire list of vehicles that will be in the game – all 1,031 of them.

Now, we have part 2 of our GT5 Countdown, featuring all the racetracks – with their different variations – that will be included in the game. It’s not as extensive as the cars list, but it’s still noteworthy enough to take note of all 71 circuits. Try to get acquainted with these tracks and their different layouts because you’re going to be racing in them soon enough.

Details after the jump.

1. Fuji Speedway F Real Circuit

2. Fuji Speedway GT Real Circuit

3. Suzuka Circuit Real Circuit

4. Suzuka Circuit East Course Real Circuit

5. Superspeedway - Daytona (Daytona International Speedway) Real Circuit

6. Road Course - Daytona (Daytona International Speedway) Real Circuit

7. Tsukuba Circuit Real Circuit

8. Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 Real Circuit

9. Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (No Chicane) Real Circuit

10. Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 Real Circuit

11. Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 (No Chicane) Real Circuit

12. Nürburgring Nordschleife Real Circuit

13. Nürburgring 24h Real Circuit

14. Nürburgring GP/F Real Circuit

15. Nürburgring GP/D Real Circuit

16. Nürburgring typeV Real Circuit

17. Superspeedway - Indy (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) Real Circuit

18. Road Course - Indy (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) Real Circuit

19. Autodromo Nazionale Monza Real Circuit

20. Autodromo Nazionale Monza No Chicane Real Circuit

21. The Top Gear Test Track Real Circuit

22. Laguna Seca Raceway Real Circuit

23. High Speed Ring Original Circuit

24. High Speed Ring / Reverse Original Circuit

25. Cape Ring Original Circuit

26. Cape Ring Inside Original Circuit

27. Cape Ring Periphery Original Circuit

28. Cape Ring North Original Circuit

29. Cape Ring South Original Circuit

30. Autumn Ring Original Circuit

31. Autumn Ring / Reverse Original Circuit

32. Autumn Ring Mini Original Circuit

33. Autumn Ring Mini / Reverse Original Circuit

34. Deep Forest Raceway Original Circuit

35. Deep Forest Raceway / Reverse Original Circuit

36. Grand Valley Speedway Original Circuit

37. Grand Valley Speedway / Reverse Original Circuit

38. Grand Valley East Section Original Circuit

39. Grand Valley East Section / Reverse Original Circuit

40. Trial Mountain Circuit Original Circuit

41. Trial Mountain Circuit / Reverse Original Circuit

42. London City Circuit

43. London / Reverse City Circuit

44. Rome City Circuit

45. Rome / Reverse City Circuit

46. Circuito de Madrid City Circuit

47. Circuito de Madrid / Reverse City Circuit

48. Circuito de Madrid Mini City Circuit

49. Circuito de Madrid Mini / Reverse City Circuit

50. Tokyo R246 City Circuit

51. Tokyo R246 / Reverse City Circuit

52. Special Stage Route 5 / Night City Circuit

53. Special Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night City Circuit

54. Clubman Stage Route 5 / Night City Circuit

55. Clubman Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night City Circuit

56. Special Stage Route 7 / Night City Circuit

57. Côte d’Azur City Circuit

58. Eiger Nordwand Short Track Original Circuit

59. Eiger Nordwand Short Track / Reverse Original Circuit

60. Eiger Nordwand K Trail Dirt / Snow Circuit

61. Eiger Nordwand K Trail / Reverse Dirt / Snow Circuit

62. Eiger Nordwand G Trail Dirt / Snow Circuit

63. Eiger Nordwand G Trail / Reverse Dirt / Snow Circuit

64. Eiger Nordwand W Trail Dirt / Snow Circuit

65. Eiger Nordwand W Trail / Reverse Dirt / Snow Circuit

66. Chamonix Main Dirt / Snow Circuit

67. Chamonix East Dirt / Snow Circuit

68. Chamonix West Dirt / Snow Circuit

69. Chamonix Mini Dirt / Snow Circuit

70. Toscana Dirt / Snow Circuit

71. Toscana / Reverse Dirt / Snow Circuit

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  (453) posted on 01.30.2011

Cheers mate. Completed it earlier today before seeing the video. Took about 20th attempts, but worth it.

  (498) posted on 01.30.2011

Thanks for this guide, going to test your advice out now. Just wondering if I complete all 3 top gear events & win gold, can I unlock the track for arcade & practice modes? I want to go round it in the reasonably priced car & compare times with celebrities.

  (648) posted on 12.7.2010

agree, also there are more when you unlock the special track series during races.

  (1333) posted on 12.7.2010

wow that was a lot of tracts to race with does it? dang I really can’t wait for its final release. I wonder why does sony delayed it too much without any good reason.

  (571) posted on 12.6.2010

Gran Turismo 5 promises to possibly be the most exacting and detailed racing video game ever. The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue gives you an online-enabled sampler of the GT5 experience. In the Prologue, will be dozens of different cars, and a few variety of environments to explore before the official games grand debut.

adrian  (90) posted on 12.6.2010

Will there be a mac version? smiley

adrian  (777) posted on 12.5.2010

That’s what I’ve heard, it is an endless story. I guess that when the game will be out this car will be part of the historical shop..

adrian  (612) posted on 12.1.2010

what the heck, another teasing article to teas the waiting gamers. I must say that sony should already released it on the market.

adrian  (571) posted on 11.26.2010

nice, GT has added a lot of Race Tracks... unlike the GT 4 Spec V.

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