Gumpert Getting Back On its Feet, as Apollo Orders Trickle in

2012 Gumpert Apollo Enraged Exterior AutoShow
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Looks like Gumpert will live to see another day. Or multiple days, if the recent resurgence in sales keep up.

After a recent filing for insolvency, the German supercar maker was able to restart production, allowing it to slowly yet steadily build on its order list to help the company not only survive but also "continue permanently and sustainably."

Insolvency administrator Görge Scheid expressed enough confidence to say in a press release that the company is looking at far more stable days in the future. “We strongly assume that we will find an investor and save all 25 jobs in Altenburg”, he said.

Before that, Gumpert must sustain production of the Apollo supercar and all of its variants. That certainly is possible, given there is strong demand for the supercar.

Managing director, Roland Gumpert, is certainly looking at brighter days ahead, saying that the company is already expecting to sell four or five cars in the “next quarter".

If Gumpert can ride on that momentum, then it’s brush with insolvency could end up becoming just a minor blip in company history.


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