Although for some it may also sound like a cocktail that Ken Block would serve you if he were tending bar, "Gymkhana on Ice" is actually the name of a short video that involves drifting a Lexus on a frozen lake. A bunch of Canadian drifting maniacs known as the Wide Open Drift Team shoed their first-generation Lexus IS300 drift car with studded tires and contracted KSP Productions to develop their frozen lake hooning into a nice video. The end result is not filled with stunts as the famed Gymkhana series, but it looks numerous times more dangerous.

Without spoiling it, the couch scene at around the 2:00 minute mark and the video ending are where the most dangerous bits take place, but please never try anything like this on your neighborhood frozen lake. According to the original footage description, each tire from the Lexus was manually fitted with 175 studs for more snow and ice traction. With the car having been developed for driving sideways on an actual track, the frozen lake took its toll and two flat tires resulted from a day of filming at -7 degrees.

Wide Open Drift Team racer Jeff Laflamme drove the modified Lexus, while Alex-Andre Gingras was in charge of the Polaris RZR that joins in on the fun at one point in the video. The identities of the two fellows that went through a near-death experience at the end are not known, but they may want to consider a change of underpants.


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