• Hailstorm Disaster strikes VW plant: 30,000 vehicle damaged!

Hailstorm Disaster strikes VW plant: 30,000 vehicle damaged!
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Every week, we bring you pictures and videos of new cars taking a beating by inattentive drivers, buildings collapsing, drunken driving and sinking ships. Those incidents can be blamed on humans or mechanical failures but not this one.

A major hailstorm over the course of the last weekend harmed up to 30,000 brand new Volkswagen cars awaiting delivery to domestic and foreign customers. Little or nothing could be done by the staff at the VW assembly plant at Emden on the North Sea coast, as the number of vehicles were gigantic, and driving them or transporting them to a safe location was out of question.

Though VW declined to comment on the estimate of the damages, a German press report confirms it would be hundreds of million of dollars.

The affected vehicles will be put under the scanner and will be inspected closely by 100 VW staff members. By sending the vehicle through a special light tunnel, even the smallest of damages can be detected.

VW is insured against hail damages, so the manufacturer won’t be bothered much by this accident. Pain will only be felt by customers, who now have to wait for a longer time to drive home their new cars.


Source: Earth Times

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