Back in February of 1969 the Prince Motor Car Company introduced a high performance racing version of their premium Skyline sedan for the streets, introducing the world to the first ever Nissan GT-R. The squared off Japanese super car immediately gained cult status by enthusiasts as the Hakosuka GT-R; hako coming from the word for box and the abbreviation for sukairain which stands for skyline. The Hakosuka GT-R was powered by a 2.0 Liter S20 inline six cylinder engine that produced a total of 160 HP. The cars were stripped of unnecessary equipment to be as light as possible for racing, which helped with the new sports car rack up over 50 race wins by 1972.

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As great as the Hakosuka GT-R was, Nissan never saw fit to import any of their flagship sports cars to the U.S. but thanks to the team at Right Hand Drive Japan in Torrance, California we now have the chance to own a piece of Japanese sports car history; sort of. According to the restoration specialists “This is a 1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GT GT-R Clone (it was converted from a 2000GT to a GT-R). This model Skyline is affectionately known by enthusiasts as the Hakosuka... Venerated by Skyline/GT-R and classic Japanese car enthusiasts as the birth of a legend, these vehicles are even very rare in Japan.”

Even though this is not the real McCoy, these Hakosuka Skyline 2000 GT-R clones offer an excellent and affordable alternative to the real thing. After all, owning and operating an authentic Hakosuka GT-R would be so nerve racking you would be hard pressed to take it out of the garage and the classic Japanese race car would be doomed to a life of dark damp days hidden away as opposed to being enjoyed outside for the world to see. Now all you need to do is find an even rarer S20 engine to complete the Hakosuka GT-R experience.

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